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Our highly specialized and unique blend of knowledge of bird behavior, building construction, access equipment and environmental sensitivity make us the right choice for all your bird and pigeon control needs. Our results oriented operation excels at evaluating problem bird sites and offering solutions to property owners. In addition, we offer window cleaning services for all commercial and residential properties. We strive to maintain a strong and positive client relationship at all times.

Bird Control Services

  • We start with a full site survey to identify the pest birds, their population levels and their activity patterns. A full evaluation is made to help determine the best method of bird control.
  • All information is processed to determine the best way to eradicate the pest bird problem. Taking into consideration all environmental and aesthetic concerns, detailed plans are generated which outline all the specifics of the custom system to be installed.
  • Cleanup of bird infested sites is a first priority and is usually completed before a full exclusion program is started. Birds and animals are drawn to the scent of their own waste. Thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing installation surfaces eliminates this scent trail and discourages pests from following the scent back to their old roosts. All nesting materials and droppings are cleaned away, and the area is disinfected.
  • Droppings are disposed of properly. The main goal is to kill all disease agents at the site so they no longer pose a health hazard. Our trained technicians are sympathetic to the needs of occupants and tenants and understand the importance of public relations when performing bird control.
  • Finally a bird control system is installed by trained technicians permanently solving the pest bird problem. Following project completion, we continue to provide a post completion support system.

Window Cleaning Services

We offer window cleaning servicesBird Experts offers complete window cleaning services to commercial and residential customers at a very reasonable price. Clean windows enhance the appearance and value of your property. When kept clean, they create a pleasant and hospitable atmosphere in your home. Window cleaning is time consuming and often difficult and dangerous to do. Let us handle your window cleaning needs so you don’t have to.

High Pressure Water Cleaning

With time external surfaces become worn by dirt, which accumulates leaving a lack luster finish and overall dirty and grimy look. We offer cost-effective pressure cleaning services aimed at improving the appearance of your property, while preserving and even increasing its value. Bird Masters handles all aspects of cleaning by pressure washing, including residential and commercial. We provide environmentally safe pressure cleaning services for roofs, driveways, walkways, patios, pool areas, buildings, shopping centers, parking garages, stairways, and others.