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Birds giving you a headache? Let it be our headache. Relax and let us show you how to solve your bird or pigeon problem. When you call us you can expect the highest quality of service and expertise in bird control. We care about birds and pigeons; no birds or pigeons are ever harmed by Bird Masters services. They simply fly away to other habitats.
At Bird Masters LA we understand the importance of finding a solution to your bird problem at a price within your budget. Contact us for a free estimate.

Our free estimate includes:

A complete site survey to identify the pest birds.

A custom designed, humane and environmentally-friendly plan with multiple options for you to choose from for your specific bird control needs.

A full evaluation to determine the best method of bird control for your property.

Window Cleaning Services

Brighten your world! Let Bird Experts enhance the look of your property with clean, sparkling windows. Our goal is to improve the appearance and value of your property by providing quality window cleaning services. We offer complete window cleaning services to commercial and residential customers. Clean, sparkling windows make any environment lighter, brighter, and more pleasant!


Our highly specialized and unique blend of knowledge of bird behavior, building construction, access equipment and environmental sensitivity make us the right choice for all your bird and pigeon control needs. Our results oriented operation excels at evaluating problem bird sites and offering solutions to property owners. In addition, we offer window cleaning services for all commercial and residential properties. We strive to maintain a strong and positive client relationship at all times.

Bird Control

We start with a full site survey to identify the pest birds, their population levels and their activity patterns. A full evaluation is made to help determine the best method of bird control.

Window Cleaning

Bird Experts offers complete window cleaning services to commercial and residential customers at a very reasonable price. Clean windows enhance the appearance and value of your property.

High Pressure
Water Cleaning

With time external surfaces become worn by dirt, which accumulates leaving a lack luster finish and overall dirty and grimy look. We offer cost-effective pressure cleaning services aimed at improving the appearance of your property, while preserving and even increasing its value.

Bird Control Systems

Bird control must focus on eliminating what is attracting the birds to a particular area. Birds will nest or perch on the exterior surfaces of buildings. The most effective and permanent methods of bird and pigeon control involve modifications which either physically exclude birds from the preferred surface or make it difficult for them to rest comfortably on the exposed building surfaces. To accomplish this, there are a number of humane, non-lethal approaches that can be used.

Bird Spikes

Installation of bird spikes is a perfect way to prevent pigeons from perching or nesting on your property. Anti-roosting spikes have many advantages. They are tough, long-lasting, transparent, dense, flexible, and environmentally safe and non-lethal. They will not harm birds.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting is effective against all bird species. Stealth net is extremely durable and creates a physical bird barrier against problem birds “homing”, their natural instinct to stay near their birth site. Bird netting completely controls bird problems, forcing the birds to look elsewhere for a nesting site.

Bird Shock Flex Track

Installation of Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a low profile ledge deterrent system that is effective against all species of pest birds utilizing the principal of fear and flight. The intermittent shock does not hurt the birds; it simply conditions them to stay away. Bird-Shock Flex-Track is flexible and adaptable and conforms to any architectural configuration.



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Client Reviews

Freeing My Balconies of Pigeons, Bird Poop and all Balcony Invaders! are a godsend!!! Not only did you rescue me from sharing my balconies with birds, their nests and poop... you cleared everything that attracted them in the first place. I did not know one could get a Ph.D. in “Bird Control”!! If there is such a degree, you must have graduated at the top of your class!!! Your incredible knowledge... which you share so freely, helps me to empower myself. I respect you so much for offering me a service that did not include torturing and killing our bird friends. It scares me that the killing method was all I was ever offered when seeking help for my problem. I was told I would have to kill them because they return for generations to nest where they and their ancestors were hatched. Today, when I sit out there, I am not even aware of the netting, (it matches the color of my building!) that keeps me and my balcony free of birds and bird diseases. I need a thousand of your cards to distribute to my friends and acquaintances who don’t even know that you and your services exist. Thank you and bless you in your Godly work.


Carolee Bogue Ph.D. ...
and permanent supporter of “Bird Masters”!!)

Bird Proofing our House
Dear Luis,

Thank you for doing such an excellent job of bird proofing our house. The workers arrived on time and were friendly and professional. The netting and bird spikes work perfectly and are hardly noticeable. All the bird droppings are completely cleaned up and the house looks great! It has made a big difference to our living environment and pride in our house.


Dolores G, Los Angeles